Month-To-Month Terms

We understand that circumstances change for our Residents. Some Residents are searching for a new home to buy and
others are building their own dream homes. There are some Residents that are moving from distant locations and they would
like to have time to get to know the area before buying a home. Some Residents may be transferred out of the area due to
their jobs.

For these reasons, we do not want to tie our Residents down to a long-term lease. We do our very best to keep our Residents
happy and we would love all of them to be long-term occupants of the homes that they rent from us. But, we do not want to
prevent our Residents from moving for whatever reason.

Therefore, it is our policy to provide maximum flexibility to all of our Residents and offer
Month-to-Month Terms. We do offer
one-year leases for our Residents that prefer having a lease.
Parasol Properties, LLC
Month-To-Month Terms