FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long does it take to process my Rental Application?
Answer: Once your Rental Application and $25 fee (to cover the cost for a routine credit/background check) is received, a routine
credit/background check is performed by a contracted service. The credit/background check can be completed within about 3
hours. If the initial background check is satisfactory, then our staff will then check various references you listed on your Rental
Application. This process may be accomplished within one day or may sometimes take several days depending upon how
quickly your references respond to us. We have found that often times bank references take the longest to respond with your
information. Click on the following link for a detailed description of the
Rental Application Process.

Question: How can I arrange a private tour of one or more of the available homes?
Answer: Simply call us (Phone number 870-762-0319) and we will be happy to schedule a private tour of any or all of our
available homes.

Question: Is it possible to enter into a lease-purchase agreement on any of your homes?
Answer: At this time, all of our homes are for rent only and they are not available for lease-purchase.

Question: I am currently living out of the area, but I will be moving and I am interested in renting one of your homes. What is the
procedure for submitting a Rental Application?
Answer: Please refer to the page on our web site (click on this link, "Remote Application Procedure") that describes the
application procedure for people that are applying for a rental home from a distant location. We will be happy to arrange a private
tour of the homes that interest you whenever you are in the area. You can call ahead of your trip to arrange a tour.

Question: Do you allow Residents to have pets?
Answer: Yes, we have a pet friendly policy that allows pets in our homes. Please click on the following link to learn more about
our pet policy:
Pet Policy

Question: Do I need to sign a long term lease?
Answer: No, we do not require our Residents to sign long term leases. We offer Month-To-Month terms in order to provide our
Residents with the flexibility to move for whatever reason. Long term leases are available to those that want them. Click on the
following link to learn more about our Month-To-Month terms:
Month-To-Month Terms
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions